Friday, October 9, 2015

Da Taa

This is the door prize quilt for the Christmas in the Valley Artisan Show 2015, in Almonte ON. I got the instructions from the utube video from the Missiouri Star Quilt Company. I adjusted the size of the blocks to be bigger, I think they're cut at 5.5" square. I quilted it on the reverse using the poinsettas as a guide. If I had more time I would have completed the stars on the sides. I didn't think of it when it was assembled and had run out of the gold, isn't it the way.


  1. found you on 'justusquilters' following you now

  2. I'll check out that website.
    Thanks for following, although I don't usually have much to say and it's hard to remember to post, I'm much to busy looking at other quilter's blogs!
    Check out it's a great way to get up dates on your favourite bloggers.