Saturday, August 30, 2014


I've been getting some sewing projects completed over the summer as well as taking over my son's room now that's he's been out of the house for a few years...I think it's final and I've turned his old room into an extension of my Happy Place. More of an office/library room with a comfy retro leather chair, shelving and a desk.  Yahoo for my space.

I decided some paper piecing would be good to take with me sitting outside. These are 3/4 inch pieces which make up Grandmother's Garden. I love the Shimmer Line of Northcott fabrics. Just wish they had more reds in the fabric selection. I didn't know what colour to make the binding, so I pieced up bits and made a colourful binding using a selection of fabrics from the flowers. It will be framed with glass in front but the glare makes it hard to photograph without reflections.