Saturday, December 28, 2013

NOT Picture Perfect

I love the photos of studios on Pinterest and glossy magazines all done up beautifully. Nothing on surfaces, floors or hanging off the wall with pins and tape, fabric folded in  neat stacks according to the colour wheel, things stashed in jars, baskets and bins. Where's the adventure of looking for that 3rd pair of scissors that I've lost, or the seam ripper... again but then finding the cat snug under a pile of fabric. Looks awesome but is it for real, no way.
But I will try once again to clean it up, sort it all, purge a few things and put it all in it's place and kick the cat out...again.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gift for my Nephew and his new Bride

I've had this tree skirt pattern for a few years, its from Butterfly Crossing.
A bit hard to understand the directions and I cut too much here and there and not enough of something I have almost enough oops strips probably make anouther one!

I quilted from the underside backing and used the poinsettas as the quilt pattern.
It was fun to quilt it that way and looks great on the front.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Framing Day


  Pineapple in lovely rustic colours. I love using Moda Fabrics.
   The above quilt pattern shown is called Flying Geese
   and the blocks are only 1 inch square. This little quilt has
   208 little pieces of fabric all sewn back together.
   How pretty is this pattern which is called New York Beauty.
  I love using bright batik fabrics for this little quilt, the blocks
  are only 2.50 square.       

   The Red School House, this is always a popular
   quilt given as a gift for teachers.

   Snail's Trail. Interesting pattern reminds me of
  an Escher tessellation.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Peaceful Piecing.

Here is a peak at a Flying Geese pattern.
Let's see...120 blocks at 1.5 inches each...
13 pieces of fabric per block making it a total of 1560 little teeny tiny pieces of fabric. Completed the quilt is about 19 3/4 by 16 3/4. 
I love scappy quilts.  

 Lou is always a willing work surface.

I think this is an Edyta Sitar pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts but I'm not certain, one of those quilts that stuck in my head and I knew it would make a great miniature quilt.