Saturday, August 30, 2014


I've been getting some sewing projects completed over the summer as well as taking over my son's room now that's he's been out of the house for a few years...I think it's final and I've turned his old room into an extension of my Happy Place. More of an office/library room with a comfy retro leather chair, shelving and a desk.  Yahoo for my space.

I decided some paper piecing would be good to take with me sitting outside. These are 3/4 inch pieces which make up Grandmother's Garden. I love the Shimmer Line of Northcott fabrics. Just wish they had more reds in the fabric selection. I didn't know what colour to make the binding, so I pieced up bits and made a colourful binding using a selection of fabrics from the flowers. It will be framed with glass in front but the glare makes it hard to photograph without reflections.



Tuesday, May 6, 2014



Ten Kimonos is the name of this miniature quilt. I had sewn a bunch of kimonos for making up cards and then I thought I would try making a miniature of them. I wasn't sure at first on how I would attach them together...with a sashing...corner corner blocks, then what colour to use so the sashing didn't compete with the kimonos. I like it, I think it worked out nicely.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Some Spring Things

I've had this fabric stashed away for quite awhile just waiting for the right project to use it in. Then one day when looking through utube quilting videos, I came across  Eleanor Burns demonstrating using her templates to make the Honey Cone Quilt. So I purchased the pattern which came with two templates, I watched the video again and read the instructions...or looked at the pictures and followed them.
It is as easy to sew up as her video and pattern instructions show. I will be using this pattern over and over again.
To this...I wasn't sure which colour to use for the binding, so I cut up different lengths of all the colours and sewed them into a binding strip. I think it looks perfect.



Saturday, March 8, 2014


The Ottawa Citizen did a nice write up for the Pakenham Maple Run Studio Tour. That's one of the miniature quilts which I'll have ready for the show on March 29-30th. The article underneath has Chris Van Zanten's glass vase, it talks about how important it is to have nice objects around us "to promote happiness." Amen to that.

Seeing double?